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Economic Data For The Region

95 new companies

During the third trimester of 2016, 95 new companies were listed in the Commerce register. 40% of these new companies were individual companies, and 51% were either limited liability companies or public limited companies. When compared to the two previous trimesters, this figure represents a small decrease, mainly due to the summer slow-down. The year-on-year rate indicates that the positive trend of the first semester seems to be confirmed.

Counting all business activities (new listings/arrivals versus departures/bankruptcies/cessations of activity/terminations) since January shows a balance that remains positive (+4), whereas the balance for 2015 was negative, the region had “lost” about 10 companies.

As in our last review, the indicators allow us to hope for a recovery of entrepreneurial dynamism when we establish our end of year assessment. Nevertheless, the margin is thin, and only a strong last trimester will allow us to confirm this trend and draw conclusions.

Check out website in early January 2017 for a new situation update.

Source : data established thanks to daily announcements to the Commerce register