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The prizewinning businesses in the Mérites de l’Economie Riviera-Lavauz are…

Aimed at all companies in the Riviera-Lavaux region, the Mérites de l’Economie reward those businesses who, by their initiatives, energy and commitment, contribute to growing the regional economy.  Encouraged by the candidates’ enthusiasm, despite a difficult economic climate, Promove, the official organisation for economic promotion in the region, has decided to go ahead with this Mérites 2020 and today can announce the winning businesses. 

Over the course of the summer, around fifty entries were studied by the members of the judging panel.  After several consultations and field visits, it is our great pleasure to reveal the winners of the 4 main categories as well as 2 Special Prizes. 

WINNER OF THE MÉRITE FOR « ENTREPRENEURSHIP »  Prize awarded to young businesses (-3 years).
Prize: 15 000 CHF given by the regional communes and 6 months of coaching given by ideix (valued at 5 000 CHF).

Droople SA
Created in 2018, Droople is a start-up working in the field of water management.  Its aim is to allow remote monitoring and control of as many as possible of the 36 billion « off radar » water-driven assets in the world, such as water treatment systems and sanitary appliances.  This digital innovation permits predictive maintenance, a lengthening of their lifespan and a reduction in water and energy wastage… Find out more>

WINNER OF THE MÉRITE FOR « PROXIMITY»  Prize awarded to local businesses and artisans.
Prize: 10 000 CHF of marketing and communication services offered by the De Visu-Stanprod agency.

Le Duo Créatif
Both natives of la Riviera and passionate about pâtisserie, Nadège Bonzon and Patrick Bovon started their business in 2014 in Chailly-Montreux.  With the help of their families, two apprentices and one employee they began their early career as entrepreneurs.  In 2017 they took over the Fredy bakery, situated in La Tour-de-Peilz and today, surrounded by a team of 20 people, they are able to give free expression to their creativity and expertise… Find out more>

WINNER OF THE MÉRITE FOR « IMPACT »  Prize awarded to businesses which strengthen the regional economy.  
Prize:  A company outing for the whole workforce, offered by the partners of the Mérites.

depsys SA
Founded in 2012 and situated in Puidoux, depsys is a Swiss technology company, a leader in the energy market, which allows managers of electrical distribution networks to develop their operations thanks to digital technology.  The vision of depsys is of an energy provision that is resilient, flexible and efficient.  At the moment, this vision is hampered by limited visibility, missing data and an incomplete understanding of network performance… Find out more>

WINNER OF THE MÉRITE FOR « INFLUENCE » Prize awarded to those contributing to the renown of the region.
Prize: A communications campaign in an international media outlet to the value of 10 000 CHF offered by Montreux-Vevey Tourisme and Promove.  (NB: La Confrérie des Vignerons wishes to donate its prize to the Fund for the next Fête des Vignerons.)

La Confrérie des Vignerons/La Fête des Vignerons
The Confrérie des Vignerons organises, once every generation, the Fête des Vignerons of Vevey.  Included in the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2016, this living tradition honours the work of the winegrowers of Lavaux and of the Chablais of Vaud.  The last one, held in 2019, brought together nearly 5 500 participants and around a thousand volunteers who gave of their enthusiasm, their expertise and their free time, for months on end, in order to bring about this exceptional spectacle, over 20 shows, watched by some 375 000 spectators... Find out more>

SPECIAL PRIZE FOR « SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT»  Supported by the Sustainability Bureau of the canton of Vaud.

Bokoloko Sàrl
More than a bulk goods grocery store, Bokoloko is an atmosphere and a philosophy.  Since May 2017, Maëlle Bays and Flavie Robert have been waging battle on waste products, wastage and useless plastic, by selling food and hygiene products with no packaging.  The range and the activity of the shop rely on a solid network of male and female producers and artisans from the region, from little tiny farms as well as family businesses... Find out more>

SPECIAL PRIZE FOR « WOMEN SME »  In partnership with the association Femmes PME Suisse Romande

Atelier Volute Sàrl
A graduate of the Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne (ECAL), a Bachelor in Industrial Design, Bertille Laguet took over the Forge in the village of Chexbres.  Believing in the potential of a fusion of traditional craft and design, Philippe Naegele, the former owner and craftsman in wrought iron, passed on to her his ancient skills.Among the activities of the Atelier Volute: the restoration and creation of signs in the Lavaux region and abroad… Find out more>

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