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Promove’s Support Program for SMBs: a Positive First Assessment for AppApp!

In October 2015, Promove announced the launch of our AppApp (short for “Appuis Apprentis”: help for apprentices) program in our region. The assessment for this first period confirmed the presence of a need identified by many SMB leaders: there is an important demand for a tutoring solution for apprentices in the companies that hire them. Between fall 2015 and summer 2016, 47 apprentices of the Riviera region, trained in 37 SMBs, benefited from this new opportunity.


In total, 10 support groups, covering 4 general topics (French, Math, English, and German) and 2 technical fields (economy, and electricity), were launched. The gender distribution is almost equal, and the areas of “trade and merchandising” and ”building and construction” lead the demand for tutoring by far, as they concern 70% of the apprentices involved in the program. The companies that hire apprentices appear to have welcomed the AppApp program with enthusiasm since half of the apprentices that registered for it did so after a discussion with their bosses.


In light of these positive results, Promove is happy to report that we will renew the program for the year 2016-2017. We also gladly thank the local municipalities and companies Nestlé and Merck for their continued commitment to the AppApp program.


Initiated by Promove, the AppApp program in the Riviera region is a true private-public partnership supported, among others, by regional municipalities, and companies Nestlé and Merck. The program offers support classes for small groups of 3-4 apprentices that focus on topics taught in their professional classes and with which the apprentices are struggling. The classes are supervised by a tutor (a student enrolled in tertiary education at the HES, EPFL, UNI, or in graduate schools) and take place near the apprentices’ home or workplace. Participants sign a contract and pay an equal fee of 5 CHF per hour, in order to help them participate in their success and become responsible for it.


More information at http://formation-apprentis.ch/appui-apprentis.html