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Regional economy figures

1st quarter, 93 new businesses

During the first quarter of 2020, 93 new businesses have been listed on the companies register for the region.  This figure is virtually identical to the 2019 figure for the same period (Q1 2019: 94) and almost the same as the 2019 quarterly average of 95 new businesses.

The results for this first quarter are all the more encouraging as the balance for the region is +17 businesses after factoring in all quarterly movement (new listings / arrivals vs. departures / bankruptcies / closures / deregistration).  For the previous year, the result was only +1 business by the end of March.

At the start of this year there has been notable entrepreneurial momentum.  We will be watching closely the next quarters and the impact of the current health crisis upon business creation.  Will it be a source of inspiration? 

Promove will review the situation at the start of July. 

Sources : Analysis based on the daily bulletin of companies register announcements.