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Revision of Promove’s statutes

During the Extraordinary General Assembly of 27 November 2019, the members of our association validated the amendment to the articles of our association, as proposed by the committee.

As a reminder, the revision covered the following articles:

• Article 6 – Committee
To which the following paragraph was added:
Art. 6, al. g
The members of the association’s committee work on a voluntary basis, and their actual
expenses are subject to reimbursement.

• Article 12 - Dissolution
Paragraph b) of this article was reworded as follows:
Art. 12, al. b
In case of dissolution, any remaining assets will be transferred to a Swiss institution
exempt from taxes due to its purpose of public utility or public service, or alternatively,
to the municipalities that are members of the association, proportionately to their last
annual payments.

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