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Setting up in Switzerland

Setting up in Switzerland

Your hub at the heart of Europe

Situated at the heart of Europe and at the confluence of three of the continent’s major cultures (France, Germany, and Italy), Switzerland is great headquarters from which to launch your operations, and it is an ideal test market for your innovative projects. All great European capitals are less than two hours away by plane, while ski slopes, the best schools, the most prestigious concerts and the best private clinics are right next door!

Year after year, the most renowned institutions confirm Switzerland's place among the world leaders in terms of competitiveness. The transparency of its institutions, its ability for innovation and research, the efficient cooperation between private and public sectors, its highly qualified workforce, the efficiency of its labor market, the attractive tax system, its education system, as well as the country’s infrastructure, are frequently cited as fertile elements that provide a favourable framework for business development and wealth creation.

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A welcoming region

Riviera-Lavaux – a dynamic economy with exceptional surroundings

Welcome to a region in which you will not have to choose between work and life! Home to world-renowned companies as well as many investors and philanthropists, Riviera-Lavaux offers a unique living environment combining a dynamic economic fabric, a proximity to universities, some of the best transportation infrastructures in the world, and an unparalleled variety of cultural events, sports, and entertainment!

A beautiful living environment

Thanks to its exceptionally mild climate, its breathtaking landscape of mountains reflected by the lake, and its almost Mediterranean vegetation (including the famous palm trees), the Montreux–Vevey region has claimed the title of “Swiss Riviera.” Next to it, the terraced vineyards of Lavaux, a site on the UNESCO World Heritage list, offer a unique, magnificent panorama. Charlie Chaplin, Freddie Mercury, Ernest Hemingway, as well as many other public figures lived or are still living on the Swiss Riviera. >

Economic fabric

The Riviera-Lavaux region is home to a wide variety of companies. The predominant industries belong to the hospitality sector (hotels, restaurants, shops, health and well-being, and higher education) but the region also has a solid administrative sector (registered offices of several companies, including Nestlé), and high value-added industries (Merck Serono’s biotechnological center). Viticulture represents an important part of the Lavaux region’s economical activity.

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Cultural and entertainment offer

Alongside major musical events such as the famous Montreux Jazz Festival, or the Septembre Musical Festival, the entertainment opportunities are varied throughout the year and the seasons: Chillon Castle, Montreux Comedy Festival, Vevey’s Alimentarium, Montreux Volley Masters, the Swiss Camera Museum, Montreux Noël, the Rochers de Naye, to only mention a few. There is always something going on in the Riviera and Lavaux.

Montreux Jazz Festival >
Alimentarium (Nestlé Museum) >
Chillon Castle >

A multinational environment

Few regions in the world are as cosmopolitan as the Swiss Riviera. For a long time, the region’s unique landscape, dynamic economy, openness to the world, and the quality of its labor have attracted foreign investors. Cultural and linguistic diversity is an integral part of Switzerland’s heritage, with 4 official languages and 3 major cultures--without forgetting English, of course, the ultimate international language. Here, we speak the language of our clients, and we understand their expectations!

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Promove offers a large range of concrete and free services to companies and project developers in all sectors and from all backgrounds.

It is at the center of a network of professional contacts from the local authorities as well as from the regional economic fabric, and it is the main interlocutor for any company looking for information on how to set up their business on the Swiss Riviera or on the Lavaux area.

Relying on a network of experts, Promove accompanies each establishment project and each company development. We analyze the business plans and, if needed, contribute to giving them a more professional form in order to adapt them to Swiss practices. We can also advice companies regarding their organization, and ensure a follow-up throughout the installation of a new company in our region.

Promove takes on a role of coordination in order to smooth out the company’s progress (in finding a site, industrial premises, offices or buildings, in getting information regarding funding, tax information and legal information, partner research, etc).

Promove also puts potential partners in contact and mediates the exchanges between investors and the relevant experts (trustees, law firms, etc).