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The development of the strategic area of St-Légier

In order to offer conditions that are favorable to businesses in terms of regional land availability, Promove, along with the municipality of St-Légier and the Services of Territorial and Economic Development of the Canton, is taking part in a site planning project of the strategic area of St Légier-La Veyre.

The first phase of the project consisted in collecting the information concerning the current owners’ intentions. At the same time, Promove organized meetings with all the neighboring companies, mainly in the industrial areas of La Veyre-d’En-Haut and Rio Gredon, so as to study their needs in terms of surface and height of buildings in order to develop their activities on all the new planned sites. This phase was completed in April 2015.

The study office is currently working on compiling all the relevant data in order to define the technical specifications for regional planning. This data consists in the information that was collected during the first phase, as well as the town-planning legal terms and limitations in relation with the land use plan norms.

The report is expected in the fall of 2015. The next step will consist in starting the processes of the partial land use plan (or Plan Partiel d’Affectation, PPA) in the concerned areas, in order to give a clear framework to the current owners at the end of the processes (in 2016). Private actors, individuals or companies, will then be able to start engaging in transactions, so that the area may offer business opportunities for the region’s economic development.