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Strategic file

Land for our businesses: Future Riviera Business park


Progress report

The La Veyre-Derrey plateau project has continued to encourage strong regional economic promotion in 2019.  In conjunction with our partners from CoPil (St-Légier municipality, STD, SPEI) our continued efforts have led to the finalisation of a Land Use Plan and Zone Regulations; both have been submitted for preliminary review by the Canton in autumn, and a response is expected by winter 2020 with potentially some final adjustments. 

In parallel, a real estate valuation has been commissioned in order to facilitate a fair distribution of future plots and material costs between the landowners and the municipality.  These elements have made for significant progress in terms of landowning and financial agreements covering the entire project.  The next stage will be formal approval of this document by the landowners, chief among them the municipality of Vevey, specifically its Commune council.  It will then be put out for public consultation.   

Promove’s role:

  • Representing the economic stakeholders led by the steering committee and the work groups
  • LADE financing