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Who are we?

Promove’s mission

An economic catalyst

Promove is dedicated to promoting the economic development of the Riviera–Lavaux region, situated on the shores of Lake Geneva, in Switzerland. Promove unites towards a common purpose the local authorities, the economical actors, and all relevant partners in order to serve as an interface between the public and private sectors. Its operational team works on the three main levers of regional development: promoting the region’s economy to non-local companies, supporting the execution of new, value-added projects, and capitalizing on our regional assets.

Setting up your company in Switzerland

Promove is actively implicated in business development. Our aim is to help Swiss as well as international companies to research the local market, receive them, and accompany them as they settle. Promove has a strong network of business contacts, notably through relationships with Chambers of commerce within and abroad. Promove represents the Riviera-Lavaux region and provides information to all companies that consider expanding here.

Developing your project

Promove supports new company projects, as well as new value-added events or infrastructures, throughout each stage of their implementation. Promove also supports the development of established companies, in particular by promoting innovation. It submits and defends grant applications to the service for promoting the economy of the Canton of Vaud, according to the Law for promoting economic development (LADE).

Relying on regional strengths

Promove is involved in regional policy issues. As a representative of the region’s economic fabric, Promove aims at promoting conditions and contexts that favor the creation of value. Moreover, by offering a professional networking platform to regional companies, Promove has become a focal point for business opportunities and contacts.


A not-for-profit public-private partnership

Promove is a not-for-profit, private-law association. Its members are the 14 municipalities of the region, as well as all companies, private persons, or partner association desiring to promote the economic development of the Riviera-Lavaux region. Today, the association has about 300 members.

Promove’s services are always free of charges. The association is financed by the municipalities and the annual subscriptions of its members. These two sources of income account for more than 80% of its budget. The rest comes from a Services Agreement between the Canton of Vaud and Promove, through its status as a Recognized Regional Agency as defined in the terms of the Law for promoting economic development (LADE).

The general assembly is the association’s sovereign body. It delegates monitoring tasks and strategic management duties to the Committee, whose members are part of the region’s public sphere or businesses. The operational team is in charge of Promove’s daily activities and provides services in accordance to the tasks defined in the strategic specifications.



Baer Menuiserie SA

Stéphane Pommaz

Town counselor

Jean-Baptiste Piemontesi


Coming together is the beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

Henry Ford

Amstein SA

Yan Amstein

Business Rep.
St-Légier-la Chiésaz

Alain Bovay

Municipalities rep.
General secretary
Confrérie des Vignerons

Sabine Carruzzo

Cultural rep.
Corporate Clients

Xavier Cornaz

Banks rep.
Montreux Music & Convention Centre

Rémy Crégut

Development partner
Business Manager
Haut-Lac Ecole Internationale Bilingue SA

Jean-Louis Dubler

Business rep.

René Gilliéron

Municipalities rep.
La Tour-de-Peilz

Sandra Glardon

Municipalities rep.
Town counselor

Vincent Imhof

Municipalities rep.
Gestion Hôtelière Ming SA

Nicolas Ming

SHMV rep.
Willi Ingénieurs SA

Fabio Provenzano

Business Rep.
Chief Executive Officer
Multifiduciaire Léman SA

Yves Reichenbach

Business rep.
Montreux-Vevey Tourisme

Christoph Sturny

Development partner

Operational team

Bernard Schmid


Cécile Enjolras

Project manager

Marion Belloteau

Project manager

Carine Girod

Office Manager

Alexandre Bonvin

Project Assistant / HEG Student


Our many members make Promove highly representative of the economic fabric of the region

Member municipalities

At the time of its foundation in 1988, the ADEM (“Association for the economic development of the city of Montreux”) only served one town. In 1990, the association started working for the neighboring town of Vevey, changing its name to its current one, Promove, and started offering its services to the region. Between 1990 and 2000, all 10 municipalities of the Riviera region joined the association. By the end of the 2000s, the municipalities of Puidoux and Bourg-en-Lavaux entered the association, expanding Promove’s area of action to the Lavaux region. It was then joined in 2017 by the municipality of Chexbres and in 2020 that of Saint-Saphorin.

Member companies

Promove acts as a “Regional Chamber of commerce” and maintains a close and privileged relationship with regional companies. The status of member does not confer any extra services, but it testifies to the company’s active support in favor of the region’s economic development. Many companies have joined us throughout the years; we now have about 300 member companies. This exceptional network is the heart of Promove, the key strength that allows us to carry out our mission.