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Bank Vontonbel AG

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As an independent Swiss financial institution that is family-owned and shaped, we are very familiar with the complex needs of individuals – and have been for generations. With our long-term, forward-looking mindset and reliance on conservative management principles, we have stood for stability, financial strength, risk-conscious behavior, and a strong commitment to the Swiss home market for more than ninety years.
We are specialized in portfolio management, active asset management, and investment solutions. Our institutional competences – normally reserved for professional investors – are offered to you as a private client, so you too may benefit from them. Moreover, as a medium-sized com pany firmly anchored in Switzerland, we are agile and flexible, able to respond to your needs at any time.


Bank Vontonbel AG

Bank / Finance

Address : Av. du Théâtre 1 - 1005 Lausanne
Phone number : 058 283 29 00
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