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Bourg-en-Lavaux was created on July 1st, 2011, as the result of the merging of the municipalities of Cully, Epesses, Grandvaux, Riex, and Villette. Located at the heart of the terraced vineyards of Lavaux, a UNESCO world heritage site, Bourg-en-Lavaux’s generous landscape extends from the shore of Lake Geneva (375 m) to the top of the Tower of Gourze (925 m). Bourg en Lavaux is at the head of the Lavaux-Oron district, it is an economic center, and home to public services that cater to the entire region.

A few figures 

5’389 inhabitants

Tax rate : 62.5

Area : 965 ha

Elevation : 646 m




Address : Rte de Lausanne 2 - 1096 Cully
Phone number : 021 821 04 04
Website :
E-mail :

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