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CHF 70 000 for the upgrading of paths and staging for the tourist offer at Rochers-de-Naye

The project, led by the commune of Veytaux and supported by Promove for the general coordination of funding, received a cantonal grant under the Law on Support for Economic Development (LADE) in order to take on some of the costs of measures aimed at improving the quality of hospitality and information at Rochers-de-Naye.

Taking note of a tourist offer that is somewhat aging and underused, the steering group, composed of public bodies (Communes of Veytaux and Montreux), financing structures relating to tourism projects (Tourist tax and Tourist Amenities Foundation), as well as regional structures for economic and tourist promotion (Montreux-Vevey Tourism and Promove), wished to bring about improvement which is both targeted and pragmaticThe aim is therefore to respond as quickly as possible to certain challenges facing tourism and hospitality, while ensuring compatibility between the measures taken and the most ambitious projects planned in the coming years, in particular by the operator of the rail line. 

The project, the budget for which is around CHF 150 000, aims to reposition the tourist offer both for the Swiss “family-hiking” market and for those from abroad looking for an “Alpine experience” which is easily accessible and can easily fit into a visit to the country.  The work will be composed of three elements:  

  • New high quality tourist signage, showing the different elements of the tourist offer at the summit, will allow the visitors to enjoy a richer experience, at the heart of a genuinely Alpine world while being accessible directly from the plain. 
  • Improving (widening, levelling) the hiking paths, allowing access from the station to the different key spots (belvedere, summit, Alpine garden), which will ensure greater site accessibility, and thus improved safety, providing higher quality hospitality, including for family groups and those unused to this type of terrain.
  • Improved staging of the Grottes de Naye, as well as a revamp of related signage, will allow well-equipped and well-informed hikers to walk these exceptional paths that are still largely unknown, and which offer a unique experience, somewhere between Alpine hiking and caving.

Work will be spaced out between autumn 2021 and spring 2022, depending on the snow cover on the summit.  It should be finished on time for the summer season of 2022.

By means of this support, obtained within the framework of Regional Projects of the Law for Support of Regional Development (LADE), Promove aims to contribute to strengthening the tourist offer, a key element of the regional strategy aimed at lengthening the average stay of tourists visiting the Riviera and Lavaux.