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Economic Figures For The Region

4th Quarter
89 New Companies

During the last quarter of 2018, 89 new companies were entered in the region's commercial register. Unfortunately, this figure is lower than the one recorded for the same quarter in 2017 (Q4 2017=113, Q4 2018 corrected=88), as well as the previous quarter's figure (Q3 2018=113). As a reminder, we should mention that since January 1st, 2018, our analysis also includes the municipality of Chexbres, which has joined Promove back then. Inasmuch as possible, we will mention corrected figures in order to facilitate the comparison with 2017.
Nevertheless, when considering the global dynamic (new registrations/arrivals vs departures/bankruptcies /companies that cease trading/dissolutions), we can see that the period ends with a positive score for business creation: 96 new companies were created (or 92 without Chexbres)

The tide for 2018 is not as encouraging as in 2017, but it still shows a lively entrepreneurial dynamism in the region. How the trend evolves in 2019 and how it impacts the region's economy, will have to be carefully interpreted.

Promove looks forward to sharing with you a new situation review in April 2019.

Sources: Data based on the daily announcements at the register of commerce.