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Figures for the regional economy

1st Quarter
122 new businesses

During the first quarter of 2021, 122 new businesses in the region joined the commercial register.  This is higher than the 2020 figure for the same period (Q1 2020: 93).  The result is that this first quarter is all the more encouraging since the overall balance for the region is +42 businesses when all movement over the quarter is factored in.  For last year, it was +22 businesses at the end of March.   

Entrepreneurial dynamism in these first few months is therefore noteworthy and encouraging.  For the time being, the crisis has not had a negative impact on any desire for independence.  Indeed, for some it has acted as a stimulus.  The question of deferring bankruptcy, related to cash injections as part of Covid-19 measures, still remains relevant, however.  As a result, much uncertainty hangs over the progress of these statistics in the months to come.  We will be keeping a close eye on this over the next quarters, as well as on the general impact of the economic situation in the long term, both on business creation as well as on the conduct of business of established enterprises.  

Promove will provide further updates at the start of July.


- From 1st January 2021, the breadth of our analysis has changed, with the addition of the commune of Saint-Saphorin to the membership of Promove.  Where feasible, we will provide retroactive corrections where these are of relevance, in order to permit comparison with 2020. 

- We also modify our analysis grid concerning the balance of movements over the quarter, henceforth including reactivations (a business coming out of liquidation proceedings and operating normally again).  This balance therefore shows the difference between “creations” (new registers, arrivals or reactivations) and “removals” (departures, bankruptcies, closures, suppressions).         


Sources: Analysis based on the daily bulletin of reports from the commercial register.