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ideix c/o ocko Sàrl

Consulting / Employment / HR

Very active in the ecosystem of entrepreneurship, ideix is, through Caroline, is accredited by several organizations such as Innosuisse (coaching & training), Fongit, Switzerland Global Enterprise, Agridea. Accompanying activities carried out solely through these organizations, are mainly aimed at: business development, marketing & communication, structuring of the organization, treasury management and networking in the fields: artTechs & arts, foodTech & agriTech, environment, digital & data.
You can also be helped to target and be guided through the help of S-GE Switzerland Global Enterprise, a neutral association that helps the internationalization of Swiss companies.
Feel free to discover the organizations coached under and contact if you want to know more.


ideix c/o ocko Sàrl

Consulting / Employment / HR

Address : Route de Crétaz 48 - 1091 Grandvaux
Phone number : 079 297 49 20
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