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Relying on regional strengths

Develop your network

14 municipalities, about 300 member companies, and 20 partners, are Promove’s strength

Our members

To carry out its mission, Promove is able to rely on many regional actors. Promove’s members (municipalities, companies, and partners) are representative of the economic fabric of the Riviera-Lavaux region, and they make our association a source of information and expert knowledge. Through the mediation of Promove, the members represent a unique contact network of potential business partners for new project developers or investors interested in developing an activity in the region.


Organized by Promove directly or by a partner, our events are an occasion for actors of the economy to meet and network in a casual setting.

10.11 2021

Lavaux Economic Forum

Event aimed at Lavaux businesses and representatives of public bodies in the region.

Grand Salle de Grandvaux

Local businesses

The Riviera-Lavaux region has a very active and diverse economic fabric. For instance, the region hosts a world-leading company’s headquarters (Nestlé), a cutting-edge, biotechnological center (Merck), renowned clinics, and many private schools, mainly in the hotel and catering sector. Congress and private tourism is the region’s key economic sector, which supports, directly or indirectly, a large number of SMEs.

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A link with the authorities

Promove’s mission is to maintain and strengthen the ties between the region’s companies and the local authorities. The economic fabric is an essential component of the balance of our cities and towns. Naturally, the fiscal revenue that our societies generate directly as well as indirectly depends on this economic fabric, and so do the services and benefits available in the region. At the heart of these issues lies the possibility of maintaining local employment.

We pay attention to our members and to the bosses that we work with throughout the year, and we transmit their needs and concerns to municipal executives and to the relevant departments, in order to gather the people who have the competences needed to find concrete solutions.


For any inquiries, please contact :

Bernard Schmid

Tel. : +41 21 963 48 48
Mail :

Framework conditions

The third element of economic development: to retain and multiply the region’s worth

Promove fosters local growth by contributing to promote and maintain conditions that are favorable to business by monitoring strategic regional companies on a regular basis, providing information to the authorities and lobbying, undertaking cross-sectional studies on the region’s economic development, producing and informing on statistic values, and carrying out concrete projects, among other things.

Support for companies hiring apprentices

AppApp – the educational application for apprentices

Promove noticed that the presence of apprentices in companies is placing a growing demand on employees in terms of tutoring. Thus Promove launched in 2015 a semi-individualized tutoring system, specially tailored for apprentices. Given the success of the first test-year, the programm has been renewed every year since then.

Our aim is to relieve companies while contributing to improve the success rate of apprentices, and thus to accelerate the renewal of apprenticeship openings.

The AppApp program in the Swiss Riviera is an initiative of Promove, co-financed by Nestlé, Merck, Holdigaz, Caisse d'Epargne Riviera and the region’s municipalities.

What’s AppApp?

  • 3 or 4 highly motivated apprentices looking for help on a topic related to their professional training
  • A student with expertise on the topic, hired as a tutor
  • 2 hours of weekly tutoring (from 6PM to 8PM) close to the apprentices’ homes
  • An 5 or 10 CHF hourly fee for apprentices

You are an apprentice residing on the Swiss Rivera, and you are interested by this program? You are a student and want to become a tutor?

To sign up, call +41 24 425 00 14 or go to >

Statistical monitoring of the Register of Commerce

In order to follow and understand accurately the evolution of the region’s economic fabric, Promove follows the Register of Commerce’s registrations, removals, and modifications on a daily basis. This data is analyzed and compiled in order to establish a yearly monitoring table for the political authorities. This statistical work is utilized to assess the actual economic attractiveness of the region as a location site for companies and identify in a concrete way the consequences of the economic context.

Register of Commerce of the Canton of Vaud >

Strategic projects

Boosting initiative, coordinating with the stakeholders, or bringing the required financial support through the LADE in order to bring to life the key projects for the region's prosperity.

When strategic projects touch upon essential issues for the future of the Riviera-Lavaux region, Promove takes a decisive role, in order to support and speed up their realization. Promove puts its expertise and its network to work in order to help with economic analyses, business plans, funding search (including through the LADE), organizing reunions with the different stakeholders, sharing the contact of experts, as well as acting as an intermediary with the economic fabric or the cantonal services.

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