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Rencontres Horizon

The 5th edition of Rencontres Horizon, in partnership with Promove, will take place : 

Thuesday 22 June 2021 from 08.30 to 17.30 in Puidoux

This day of reflection and sharing will have the following theme :

« HYBRID ORGANISATIONS : A perfect compromise for adapting in an unpredictable environment ? »

After a morning involving three speakers followed by discussions, the afternoon will be given over to four workshops for work and reflection, taking place at the same time.  There will be three periods for networking and restaurant services over the course of the day.  

Given the current situation, an appropriate safety plan has been drawn up in order to guarantee that the event unfolds in total safety.  

In a globalised and digitalised world, companies are undergoing accelerated transformation.  In order to stand out, they have either to adapt more quickly, or become hybrids.  In this way, emerging organisations combine several institutional practices within the same entity.  They choose to no longer simply bring together expertise in order to maximise profit for commercial reasons.  They act also from their regional social network in order to guarantee sustainability for their internal and external stakeholders, with a social and environmental rationale.

- What are the characteristics of these « Barbapapa» organisations ?
- How do they manage to exist as hybrids ?
- Is this the approach to take in order to adapt to this turbulent period ?
- What opportunities are there for my own organisation ? 

Among the speakers :
- Hervé Corger, Director of the Fondation Polyval
- Fabio Monte, Chief Operational Officer at QoQa
- Pierre-Yves Gruaz, Mobility and roads director – Vaud
- Pierre-Alain Praz, Director of Caritas Vaud
- Nicolas Tieche, Director of the Bulle site of UCB Switzerland
- Olivier Desponds, Head HR Consulting at La Mobilière
Be inspired, bring your own experiences and raise your questions, and let us reflect together to get the best out of the different currents of organisational development for our organisations.

Register now, and take advantage of our Early Bird tariff (380chf instead of 480chf), valid for any registration before 15 March 2021.


You can find the full programme HERE