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The majority of the commune of Saint-Saphorin is part of the vineyard terraces of Lavaux, a cultural landscape registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as an exceptional example of interaction over the centuries between man and his environment.  It is a heritage that we mean to conserve and enhance in order to pass it on to future generations.  

With its possibilities for expansion limited by the protection laws of Lavaux, Saint-Saphorin wishes to grow in terms of hospitality, tourism and culture.  Protecting this unique site of Lavaux, developing zero-impact mobility but also allowing access and parking and the wellbeing of locals and visitors are the challenges of the future for the whole commune. 

388 inhabitants

Tax rate : 72

Area : 90 ha

Elevation : 400 m




Address : Chemin de l'Ancien Collège - 1071 Saint-Saphorin
Phone number : 021 921 49 40
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